demand forecasts

Artificial intelligence turns planning into your strength.

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Sales forecasts
down to item level

Optimize production and workforce planning - with up to six weeks forecast horizon.

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safety factors

Control of sellouts and cost of sales by fine-tuning forecasts at the item level.

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Built for the
food sector

Whether in the kitchen, the bakery outlet or in food retail, our AI is tailored to the needs of the food sector.

Link data sources easily

With our flexible interface, we integrate cash register or merchandise management data in all formats, whether SQL, SFTP or via API. This data is then automatically enriched with weather and calendar data to create a basis for our machine learning algorithm. Data security is close to our heart, which is why all our servers are located in Germany and are ISO 27001 certified.

Artificial intelligence built for the food sector

With our forecasts, we achieve an average planning improvement of 40%. We achieve this by modelling the influence of external factors such as the weather or holiday periods. Our deep learning algorithm allows us to take the composition of the assortment into account in the forecasts and thus anticipate the influence of changes in supply.

Control the cost of sales by adjustable safety factors

Food is expensive, but customers shouldn't go home hungry either. Our forecasts adapt to everyday life. We make it possible to configure a safety factor down to item level. This ensures that planning is rather scarce or with more certainty.

Making overproduction visible
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Access via webapp or in existing systems via API

The forecasts can be called up directly in our intuitive web app at any time and from anywhere in the world. In addition, with our API it is also possible to map forecasts in existing systems such as merchandise management or cash register systems. This way, orders can be triggered there automatically.

Optimisation of production through intelligent day planner

Demand forecasts at minute level allow employees on site to control production with pinpoint accuracy. This means they have the right quantities at the right time and can effectively counteract overproduction shortly before closing.

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Controlling and evaluations via analysis dashboard

Our dashboard allows you to visualize the forecasts in the context of your most important KPIs and reports. Database export and Excel were yesterday - with our interfaces, data always stays up to date.

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More profit.

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Less Food Waste.

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More time for customers.