Food Waste Monitoring

Only visible losses
allow to take effective measures

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No additional
hardware required

Any kitchen scale can be used, as measurements are simply transmitted via smartphone or web browser.

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Results are visualized in the dashboard where they can be shared with all stakeholders.

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To guarantee a quick reaction, automated reports keep everyone up to date.

Automated data collection with reminder function

To make the daily measurements as simple as possible, any internet-enabled device can be used. Responsibilities can be assigned to employees per company. They can then automatically enter measurements via email and are reminded when entries are overdue.

Automated Reminder in Food Waste Tracking | Delicious Data
Food Waste Tracking at Site Level | Delicious Data

Visualize potential and evaluate measures

Data collection makes it possible to carry out benchmarking based on various aspects. In this way, companies can be compared and the effect of measures such as changed portion sizes or the introduction of demand forecasts can be made visible over time.

More about demand forecasts
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Feedback via automated reports by mail

Weekly food waste reports can be created in the dashboard and automatically emailed to all stakeholders in the form of a PDF. This raises awareness and leads to continuous engagement with the issue.

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Automated report via snapshot automation from the Delicious Data dashboard
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communication at the click of a mouse

Possibility of communicating the results to the guest, for example via display on the info screen or integration in internal company app.

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Less Food Waste.

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