Reduce cost of goods and food waste

Digitalization and artificial intelligence help to master the shortage of skilled workers and fluctuating guest numbers proactively.

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In the kitchen

A lot depends on the calculation. Our AI helps to optimize the planning and processes in your canteen kitchen.

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"Through demand-oriented production, we not only optimize food consumption. In the same course, we also sustainably reduce energy costs and, last but not least, can achieve a sensible and efficient deployment of personnel."

Gudrun Hartmann

Gudrun Hartmann
Head of Catering
Studentenwerk Frankfurt a. M.

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Less overproduction

Optimized planning reduces overproduction and increases the freshness and quality of the offer.

Reduce sellouts

Would you like to find out how you can keep your offer attractive without constantly replenishing?

More time for your guests

The amount of work involved in processing surpluses is reduced and offers the opportunity to refocus on the guest.


Gain deep insight, reduce costs, and make the right decisions based on data.

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"With Delicious Data, we've been able to reduce our cost of goods sold by several percentage points despite wide fluctuations in meal counts. The new Live Dashboard gives us more visibility to better manage our operations."

Barret Jähn, ERGO Gourmet GmbH

Barret Jähn
Head of Operational Management
ERGO Gourmet GmbH

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Reduce cost of sales

Precise forecasts mean that only the goods they actually need are used, from purchasing to production.

Maintain transparency

Get insight into the relevant KPIs of individual stores and company-wide at any time and from anywhere.

Decide based on data

Data analytics offers new insights to make the right decisions at the right time.


Globally, one third of all food is thrown away. Digitalization offers opportunities to proactively counteract this problem.

Federal prize "Too good for the bin" | Delicious Data

"Delicious Data uses the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence to avoid overproduction. This should become the standard."

Federal Minister Julia Klöckner | Delicious Data

Julia Klöckner
Former Federal Minister

Sustainability plant

Less overproduction

A higher planning security prevents overproduction, which would otherwise end up in the dumpster.

Contribution to climate protection

For every kilogram of food waste saved, 2.5 kg of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions are avoided.

Do good and talk about it

Together we measure and communicate our impact to increase sustainability.

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More profit.

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Less Food Waste.

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More time for customers.