Intelligent day planner

Automated task control for optimum production processes

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availability of goods

Demand-driven production and the freshest goods increase turnover and avoid sell-outs and overproduction.

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Central control
of the production processes

Uniform processes ensure the central control of production at all locations.

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 Intuitive handling replaces intensive training or time-consuming familiarisation.

Automated data collection with reminder function

The Intelligent Day Planner displays automatically scheduled production tasks in an interactive checklist. The upcoming tasks are always up-to-date and in view of the entire team. Complex coordination during the course of the day is no longer necessary. The intuitive and clear user interface makes completing tasks child's play for the staff. Quality, service and optimal quantity of goods are maintained even in the event of staff shortages.

Where does the day planner get his knowledge from?

The Intelligent Daily Planner is based on the principle of intraday forecasting, a dynamic demand forecast over the course of the day. And it works like this: The day planner receives past sales data via the connection to the POS system. Necessary recipes can also be easily stored. The AI adds future factors, such as weather, vacations and vacations, and now the current item inventory and production requirements can be calculated over the course of the day. This information updates permanently and specifies the necessary tasks in the daily planner.

Central configuration and uniform reporting

Through flexible adjustments in the settings, the parameters in the day planner can be configured in such a way that the desired degree of freshness and optimised returns are centrally specified. Adjustments can be made granularly down to item level. In the dashboard, the head office receives uniform reporting in which the activities of the individual branches can be clearly understood.

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More profit.

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Less Food Waste.

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More time for customers.