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How the Höflinger Müller bakery increases sales and avoids returns

The traditional Munich bakery Höflinger Müller is breaking new ground with us to avoid unnecessary food waste in its branches. Digitalisation and sustainability go hand in hand.

"With Delicious Data, we are relying on a strong partner to reduce the return rate and improve the freshness level in our branches. Our goal is to use artificial intelligence to offer the freshest pretzels in town," says managing director and idea generator Franz Höflinger.

The cooperation began in the exchange for the introduction of the forecasting system for order optimisation and automation. Through the AI-based forecasting system, up-to-date forecasts for expected sales are created for all branches on a daily basis in order to deliver the right quantities to the branches. The forecasts are influenced by historical data, current offers, location-specific data such as weather, holiday periods and public holidays, and much more. This system convinced Marcel Beynio as the responsible project manager at the Höflinger Müller bakery, but it still did not go far enough for him; 

"We can turn two screws to achieve even more freshness freshness and reduce food waste food waste in our minimise. First of all, with the baked goods, which are made fresh daily in our bakery and distributed to the 120 branches in the morning hours. In addition, we can also adjust the items that are produced in the branch, such as a buttered pretzelsuch as a buttered pretzel or a sandwich".

The idea for another technical solution was born: the Intelligent Day Planner

During the development of the Intelligent Day Planner, the industry knowledge of the Höflinger Müller team had a significant influence on the technical implementation.

"In this way, we were able to develop a tool that is optimally aligned with the needs in bakeries," explains our co-founder and technical head Jakob Breuninger. 

The Intelligent Day Planner lists the individual process steps in the branch automatically and gives the employees the optimal time for post-production. This is because many variable factors, e.g. public holidays, weather, make it difficult to precisely control the use of goods on site and to keep an eye on the right time for the post-production of items. Since September, the Intelligent Day Planner has been used in branches and supports the staff in on-site production. 

Quick integration and easy handling: The Intelligent Day Planner live in the Höflinger Müller Bakery branches.

Why can the day planner simplify the complex control of post-production while avoiding sell-outs and unnecessary returns?

Artificial intelligence is the magic word! The smart technology of Delicious Data can bring together many variable factors through the deep-learning algorithm and play them out as simple and clear to-dos in the checklist of the daily planner.
The daily planner relieves the burden because it

  • Made a sales forecast of the coming hours 
  • Calculates the live article stock  
  • The comparison of forecast and stock determines the optimum time and quantity for replenishment.  
  • the tasks are displayed automatically and precisely scheduled
  • Transparency about the tasks creates

Franz Höflinger confirmed:

This way, the staff always know when the display cannot cover the forecast sales and thus have a clear guideline when the next tray has to be put into the oven. This means that the right products are always fresh in the display at the right time.

And he goes on to explain:

With the Intelligent Day Planner, we can automatically control and standardise the production processes across all branches from the head office - this greatly reduces the workload of our staff. Theapp is so easy to use that no training is necessary and even temporary staff can use it straight away.

Intelligent control and simple handling come together here. The Höflinger Müller team also sees another advantage in the fact that handling is really child's play. Once the task is completed, it is ticked off and disappears. The whole team has an overview and the tasks are mapped in a comprehensible way. This saves time when training or handing over shifts. 

Franz Höflinger sees three relevant optimisations through the introduction of Delicious Data.

"It is important to us to support the branch staff with reliable systems wherever possible. This enables our staff to take even better care of our customers, 

says Franz Höflinger about the decision to deepen the cooperation. All in all, the digital solutions should enable a saving of several tonnes of food waste per year.

Do you also want to simplify your processes through digitalisation and control production centrally? The solution from Delicious Data supports you in this. In our regular webinars, we specifically address the use of the Intelligent Day Planner and go into more depth on the application fields for use in the bakery. You can register for the dates here.

Do you have questions and would like personal advice? Contact us here and we will analyse your savings potential together.

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