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Half-year impact 2022

Even in 6 months a lot can happen! We would like to use the past half year to take a look back at what we have been able to achieve so far.

Using today's achievements in digitization to create a sustainable future

Since the beginning of the year, we have been able to collect important data for our customers, create forecasts and evaluations from this data, and work on constantly improving the associated key figures as well as our software.

Thus, the use of our sales forecasts enabled the predetermination of an accurate data basis for menu planning, assortment stocking and offer optimization, so that a sustainable and resource-saving handling of food could be ensured.

In addition, the recording of food waste in food waste monitoring and the continuous data analyses in the dashboard are effective measures for clarifying the use of goods and the remaining food waste. This lays the foundation for more conscious action and management.

Similarly, the Intelligent Day Planner helped to deploy resources responsibly based on tasks distributed throughout the day and to reduce the workload on staff.

Fact check: What have we achieved?

By mid-July, we had signed up more than 765 new sites to use our system in 2022. Together with our partners, we were able to save 116 tons of food waste, equivalent to around 230,519 meals.

This saving is equivalent to 289 metric tons of CO₂e emissions or 385 flights from Düsseldorf to Mallorca, which we were thus able to prevent . In parallel, saved the equivalent of 4,306,097 hectoliters of fresh water , which is the equivalent of filling 2.87 million bathtubs.

We say thank you!

Would you also like to contribute to more sustainability in your company together with us?

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