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Delicious Impact 2021

The year is drawing to a close and after 12 eventful months of collecting, forecasting, analysing and working hard to optimise metrics for our clients, we review 2021 with a look at our data. 

Our AI continues to make an important contribution to greater sustainability in 2021 

This year, we have once again achieved great things and, together with our customers, have been able to make an important contribution to more sustainability in the food sector. In use in menu planning, assortment stocking and offer optimisation, our sales forecasts were able to provide precise data through artificial intelligence, with which the resource-saving handling of food could be achieved. 

But it is not only the forecasts that are a reliable measure for better planning the use of goods. The recording of food waste in the Food Waste Monitoring and the continuous data analyses also contribute significantly to the fact that the potential from the sustainable use of food becomes clearly visible and thus a more conscious action and economy can be established. 

In 2021, we connected over 200 new locations to our system and were able to increase our previous year's figures by around 280% by optimising the use of goods and reducing food waste with all our customers. 

Delicious Data accurately predicts and reduces food waste  

Over the past twelve months, we have forecast a total of 4,073,587 meals. By using Delicious Data's tool, 381,520 meals were saved in 2021. 

This saving corresponds to the equivalent of 480 tonnes of CO₂ emissions or 124 long-haul flights, which we were thus able to prevent . Similarly, saved the equivalent of 7 million hectolitres of fresh water , which corresponds to 4.6 million bathtub fillings. (Assumptions on our conversion values are explained, among others, in the blog article Food trends.)  

Further savings through connection of numerous bakery branches in 2022 

We will continue this positive trend in the new year with the numerous additional bakery branches that now work with our Intelligent Day Planner. In this way, we will not only reduce plate returns, wastage and wet waste in community catering, but also have a significant impact on reducing the overproduction of baked goods.  

At this point: MANY THANKS to all who contributed to this success!

Do you want to create impact together with us and contribute to more sustainability in your company? Then we would be happy to advise you on how you can use the potential with our software. Simply make an appointment here.

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