Digital, automatic and accurate

apetito catering succeeds in improving planning accuracy by 50% through AI and automated processes.

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50 %

better planning accuracy

15 %

Less food waste

3,5 %

Less use of goods

Thorsten Garbers
Business Unit Manager & Authorised Signatory
"Delicious Data's forecasts give us planning security. Food waste monitoring and the analysis of the data help us to avoid waste and make our actions sustainable."

Thorsten Garbers
Business Unit Manager & Authorised Signatory
"The hassle-free system integration of Delicious Data and the quick acceptance by the staff, excited us the most."

Digitalisation optimises the use of goods and simplifies processes

In order to achieve better planning accuracy for the use of goods, the sales forecasts from Delicious Data were integrated into the existing merchandise management system "foody". The forecasts are based on internal information from sales figures, prices and the supply structure, as well as external data such as the weather or calendar events. The Delicious Data algorithm then calculates a precise forecast of the expected sales volume. Based on the large data pool, reliable information is delivered day after day, improving the planning accuracy by 50 %.

The reliable forecasts thus significantly reduce the effort of manual planning. Through the sales forecasts, the purchasing and preparation of dishes could be optimised in such a way that even in this step less food was wasted and the costs for procurement and disposal decreased.

Thanks to the simple linking of the interfaces, the system integration at apetito catering could be completed quickly. The forecasts are mapped directly in the in-house merchandise management system. At the push of a button, the data is transferred to the menu planning, where it can be adjusted selectively if necessary. In this way, Delicious Data makes an important contribution to automating processes. 

In addition to reducing the costs for the use of goods and disposal, the standardised, digital process also means significant time savings for operational activities. With Delicious Data, the achievements of digitalisation at apetito catering help to automate processes and conserve resources. The time and cost savings realised with AI-based planning since August 2020 make it possible to maintain and expand the quality of supply and service at a high level.

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Learn from best practice examples how AI and digitalisation contribute to process optimisation, sustainability, food waste reduction and returns optimisation in the food sector.

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  • Planning the use of food
  • Contribution to the sustainable use of resources
  • Fluctuating demand due to changing food trends and dynamic factors such as weather, holidays or holiday periods
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  • Planning and production accuracy
  • Optimised use of goods
  • Reduction of food waste
  • Procurement and disposal costs minimised
  • Quality, freshness and service consistently high

apetito Catering

As a responsible family business, we have been providing the best food for people in various nutritional and life situations for over 60 years. We are continuously developing as a catering specialist in line with our values such as partnership, sustainability and customer proximity. The fact that our customers enjoy their food is thanks to our employees, who are committed to quality, enjoyment and service every day.

Gudrun Hartmann
Student Union Frankfurt am Main
Catering management
"Through demand-oriented production, we not only optimise food consumption, but also reduce energy costs in the long term.
Franz Höflinger
Höflinger Müller Bakery
Managing Director
"With Delicious Data, we provide consistent freshness all day long, reducing markdowns and sell-outs while reducing staff workload."
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More profit.

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Less Food Waste.

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More time for customers.