Reduce costs through optimized planning with artificial intelligence

No matter the kind of gastronomy. As a key technology, artificial intelligence creates competitive advantages through increased guest satisfaction and reduced costs.

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In the restaurant

Machine Learning facilitates the work and enables the focus on your key: the guest.

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"Delicious Data digitizes the planning process in food service operations and in bakery branches, helping to reduce the use of goods and, in terms of sustainability, food waste."

Clarissa Käfer
Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board
Käfer AG

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Optimized order quantities

Through an increased planning accuracy, the storage capacities and administrative work are reduced.

Increase customer satisfaction

A detailed article forecasts ensure that all ingredients are in stock and prepared at the right time.

Optimize staff requirements

Whether service staff or delivery drivers - forecasts on an hourly level make it possible to optimally control demand.


Artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics enable transparency and cost reductions in the hospitality industry.

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"With Delicious Data, we've been able to reduce our cost of goods sold by several percentage points despite wide fluctuations in meal counts. The new Live Dashboard gives us more visibility to better manage our operations."

Barret Jähn
Head of Operational Management
ERGO Gourmet GmbH

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Reduce costs

Precise forecasts ensure that staff and goods are deployed as needed and costs are reduced in the long term.

Maintain transparency

Our dashboard enables insight to the relevant KPIs of stores individually and company-wide at any time and from anywhere.

Facilitate work

Future-oriented reports and live analyses allow you to focus on the essentials: drawing the right conclusions.


The modern guest not only values quality and ambience - but also sustainability.

Federal prize "Too good for the bin" | Delicious Data

"Delicious Data uses the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence to avoid overproduction. This should become the standard."

Federal Minister Julia Klöckner | Delicious Data

Julia Klöckner
Federal Minister

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Less waste

A higher planning security prevents overproduction, which would otherwise end up in the dumpster.

Contribution to climate protection

For every kilogram of food waste saved, 2.5 kg of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions are avoided.

Do good and talk about it

Together we measure and communicate our impact to increase sustainability.

More profit.

Less Food Waste.

More time for customers.